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Since 1980, the Boise National Forest has been home to this national resource. Boise Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) is a "family" of unique people from diverse cultures. Our crew values independence while functioning as a team to achieve a common goal or objective. We thrive on the challenge and stress of the job and possess an oath of obligation to the program.

Boise IHC promotes a learning atmosphere, fostering hard working individuals who thrive on physical fitness and teamwork while enjoying the difficulties of the job.



Crew Organizational Structure

Boise IHC is comprised of eight permanent positions and twelve 1039-hour Temporary Seasonals and/or trainees/detailers.

The crew is split into two modules each lead by an Assistant Superintendant. Each module also has one Squad Leader, one Senior Firefighter position, and 6 firefighters. The organizational structure is shown below:


crew organization diagram










Additionally, The Boise IHC maintains a 14 day detail position open to interested permanent or seasonal employees. Annually, we actively seek trainees and Joint Apprentice candidates to detail onto the crew for the entire season. This opportunity is open to all land management agencies and disciplines.



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