Planning - Overview


Guiding the stewardship of the Lolo National Forest.

Forest Plan

Each national forest and grassland is governed by a land management plan (forest plan) in accordance with the National Forest Management Act. Forest plans set desired conditions, standards, and guidelines for management, protection, and use of the Forest. Monitoring conditions on the Forest ensures projects are done in accordance with plan direction and determines effects that might require a change in the forest plan.

  • Land Management Plan Revision Web Hub

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    The Lolo National Forest will initiate the revision of its land management plan in early 2023. This effort will take several years and will include extensive public involvement. We look forward to working with you through the revision process!

Existing Lolo Forest Plan (1986)

The Lolo Forest Plan provides management direction for the entire forest. All other plans and projects tier to the Lolo Forest Plan. 

ESA Sec. 7 Consultation on the Effects of the Lolo National Forest Plan on Grizzly Bears

Contact Allen Byrd at for questions about the current forest plan, including amendments.


Find information on proposed, current, recent and archived projects (environmental assessments, decision notices, and other NEPA documents) for water restoration, habitat improvement, recreation sites, timber sales, roads and more on the Projects page.

Forest Plan Monitoring Program 

The Lolo Forest Plan was developed under the authority of the 1982 Planning Rule. In 2012, the US Forest Service adopted a new planning rule that will direct future forest plan revisions. The 2012 Planning Rule (26 CFR 219) required us to modify our forest monitoring program by May 9, 2016 to meet the Planning Rule's monitoring requirements. We have reviewed our monitoring program to meet the new requirements and based on public input made the necessary changes. 

The 2012 Planning Rule requires the Forest to produce a Biennial Monitoring and Evaluation Report (BMER). The links below provide access to that report.

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2016 Travel Analysis Report

The travel analysis report is a summary of the science-based transportation analysis the Lolo National Forest completed to ensure that additions to the National Forest System network of roads are those deemed essential for resource management and use; that construction, reconstruction and maintenance of roads minimize adverse environmental impacts; and that unneeded roads are decommissioned and restoration of ecological processes is initiated.