Helpful Tips for Byway Travel

Services available along this route are limited. During summer months only, Wagner's store at Mammoth Pool has a private campground, food and is the only facility with gasoline. (559-841-3736).

The Byway is along forest roads with a variety of road surfaces. Minarets Road is a winding two lane paved road from North Fork to the Beasore Road best enjoyed at a casual pace.

The Beasore Road has a graded dirt surface from the end of the Minarets Road to Muglar Meadow (8 miles). Passenger cars can negotiate this section but travel on the rough surface is slow- approximately 15 miles per hour. The remainder of Beasore Road is paved and offers an enjoyable trip. Traveling to Nelder Grove from Cold Springs Summit, is a graded dirt road, so expect to travel slowly. A varied amount of flora and fauna can be seen year round.

When traveling any forest roads, be sure to come prepared for a variety of weather conditions. Bring extra food, clothing, blankets, flashlight and water. Let someone know where you are going and your expected return.

Camping outside of designated campgrounds requires a Campfire Permit, obtained at Forest Service offices. Be careful with fire. Pack home what you pack in and leave no trace on the land.

Restroom facilities are in all campgrounds along the way and at Ross Cabin, Mile High Vista and Cold Springs Meadow. Some campgrounds located on the Scenic Byway are on a first-come, first-served basis, while others are can be reserved through National Reservation system phone number is 1-877-444-6777 or at

Byway Length: 87 miles

Time to Allow: A minimum of 5 hours is needed to explore the sights along this byway

Best Time to Visit: Summer and Fall months are the best time to visit. During the winter the byway is not cleared of snow.

Directions: The designated start point of the Byway is just two miles north of the town of North Fork on Forest Road 81. North Fork is reached from Highway 41 by turning east along County Road 200 through the town of O'Neals. Once you get to North Fork continue on Road 225 to Forest Road 81 which is the start of the scenic byway.