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Environmental Education Services

Red Rock Ranger Station Visitor Center InteriorInside the visitor center building:

  • Plan Your Trip: Interactive recreational trip planning display with maps, terrain model, and touchscreen for hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers, cambers, backpackers, and motorized recreationists.
  • Stories In Stone: Red Rock Country geology display with real rock samples and a spin browser taking you through geologic time in Arizona.
  • Honor the Past: Human timeline of the Verde Valley Area and related tools and artifacts from many of the cultures who have called this place home.
  • The Mosaic of Life: Interactive display highlights the 7 biotic communities found on the Red Rock Ranger District and the plants and animals that define their uniqueness. Quiz yourself about the scat and tracks left out on the forest by some of your favorite animal residents.
  • Fire: Nature’s Housekeeper: Meet a Forest Service firefighter and see how fire plays a vital role in shaping the local environment and how you, as a Forest visitor can protect the forest from human caused fire.

Outside Displays: Outside of our visitor center is a native plant rain garden featuring many classic local plants, water harvesting techniques, and how some of the plants were used by native peoples in the area. Part of the garden is dedicated to our fascinating local hummingbirds. Also, our world famous fire prevention mascot and celebrity bear, Smokey Bear, welcomes you and watches over all of the Forest from our front porch where visitors can pose with him for photos and share the message with family and friends that “Only you can prevent wildfires!”

Additional Educational Opportunities: Most days a 13 minute video is shown to visitors in the conference and special events are held periodically at the visitor center including a first Friday program, and often special events on major National Holidays spring through fall. If staffing allows educators may be able to schedule a Forest Service program for their students. To check availability of one of our Forest Service educators, call 928-203-2900. You must make the request at least one month prior to the desired date of the program/activity. See News and Events for a listing of upcoming public events at the Red Rock Ranger District Visitor Center and throughout the Forest!