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Did you know the USDA Forest Service is working in 59 countries around the globe?

Giraffe in Southern Africa

In fact, the Forest Service partners internationally on a wide range of natural resource management, policy and research issues. Many units of the Forest Service are engaged in this work which advances sustainable forest management both overseas and in the United States.
All branches of the USDA Forest Service, which include National Forests, Research Stations and the units that assist private landowners have dynamic international exchanges, collaboration and projects around the globe. Strong partnerships with land grant universities, environmental NGO's and the private sector make this work integrated and comprehensive.

Why is the Forest Service working internationally?

We work internationally to:

  • Improve management in some of the world's most threatened forests including forests in the Amazon Basin, the Congo, Russia and Indonesia;

  • Protect forests in the United States and other countries from invasive species that are damaging or could damage our forests;


An image of a little bird being held on someones hand.

  • Work with other countries to protect declining bird species that migrate across national borders;

  • Recover the habitat of the world's endangered species--including the Siberian Tiger, the Monarch butterfly and the Panda;

  • Develop policies wordwide to promote forest sustainability;
  • Level the playing field in international trade by reducing the amount of underpriced timber on the world market;

  • Bring important research knowledge and technology gained overseas back to the United States, and

  • Provide humanitarian response support to disasters around the world. Past responses include support to disasters in Kosovo, the Rwanda genocide and current teams in Iraq.

An image of a man walking down a street in a third world country

Learn more about international work

an image of a pine forest from Northwest Canada

We invite you to learn more about the exciting international work of the USDA Forest Service. Three offices focus on and promote international activities. They are International Programs, which coordinates the Agency's international work; the Institute of International Tropical Forestry, which works mainly in the Caribbean and Central America, and the Institute for Pacific Islands Forestry, which addresses natural resource management issues throughout the Pacific Islands, Micronesia and the Pacific Rim.


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