Welcome to the Kootenai National Forest

Come and Explore...

Encompassing the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Montana, the Kootenai provides tremendous opportunity for exploration. With abundant recreation and a wealth of natural resources, it is truly a place to relax and enjoy your National Forests!

Summer Destinations

  • Kootenai Falls and Swinging Bridge

    Photo thumbnail showing suspended bridge over river
  • Ross Creek Cedars

    Photo thumbnail showing giant cedar trees up close
  • Lake Koocanusa Scenic Byway

    Photo thumbnail showing Koocanusa reservoir body of water from a distance on a mountain top
  • Ten Lakes Scenic Area

    Photo thumbnail showing trees with lake in background
  • Stone Hill Rock Climbing

    Photo thumbnail showing rock cliff faces amidst trees
  • Cabinet Mountains Wilderness

    Photo thumbnail showing A-Peak mountain in the distance with greenery in the foreground

Latest Information

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  • Great American Outdoors Act

    Looking out the windows of a firelookout at snow dusted peaks beyond.

    The& Great American Outdoors Act gave the USDA Forest Service new opportunities to deliver benefits to the American public through major investments in recreation infrastructure, public lands access, and land and water conservation. These investments will contribute to economic growth and job creation in rural America.



Food Storage Requirements on the Kootenai National Forest

Animal resistant food container

A food storage order signed in April, 2022 requires food storage and garbage practice across the Forest to reduce the potential for human-wildlife encounters.

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  • Firewood Cutting
    Firewood permits remain free in Northern Region Forests through December 31, 2022, but you must obtain a free permit and abide by it when cutting. Contact your local office to obtain a required permit.