Welcome to the Lolo National Forest

Welcome to the Lolo National Forest

The Lolo National Forest is a destination for locals and visitors to go play. There is so much to explore with opportunities such as hiking, OHV riding, camping, cabin and lookout tower rentals, winter sports, and two visitor centers.

Where will you explore?

  • Land Management Plan Revision

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    The Lolo National Forest is in the process of Land Management Plan Revision. A Land Management Plan, commonly known as a Forest Plan, is the comprehensive overarching document that guides the management of a National Forest for approximately 15 years. Learn more here!

  • Wildfire Adapted Missoula (WAM)

    WAM is a wildfire risk-based strategic fuels management project designed to address objectives outlined in the Missoula County Community Wildfire Protection Plan developed through stakeholder and public engagement. WAM includes projects on the Lolo National Forest totaling 177,229 acres.
    Firefighters carrying drip torches introduce fire to a forested landscape
  • Bear Country Safety

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    The Lolo National Forest is home to both black and grizzly bears. Learn more about recreating safely in bear country and how to properly store food and other attractants.

  • Work With Us

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    There's so much you can do in a Forest Service career! Our extraordinary diversity of employment occupations and locations makes it easy to find a position to suit your talents.

  • Resource Advisory Committees

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    Are you interested in participating in local land management decisions through the Secure Rural Schools Resource Advisory Committees? Committees fund projects that contribute to road, trail and infrastructure, restoration, wildlife and fish habitat improvement work on your national forest.