4FRI is the entire suite of restoration effortsTo meet our goal of restoring ecological resilience and function, 4FRI restoration treatments are implmented through a variety of methods.

Commercial mechanical thinning and prescribed fire are the most noticeable of these treatments, but restoration also includes springs and stream projects, reforestation (replanting), meadow restoration, road and trail work (construction, maintenance, and decommissioning), and more.  


4FRI Phase 2 Request for Proposals

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The Forest Service has issued the 4FRI Phase 2 Request for Proposals, which may result in one or more large-scale long-term mechanical thinning contracts.

Restoration in Progress

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Mechanical Thinning: What to expect from these crucial restoration treatments


Timber Offering Schedules

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Planned timber contract offerings

CLFRP Annual Reports

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As part of the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program, the FS produces an annual report for 4FRI that includes performance measures, accomplishments and costs.