Four Forest Restoration Initiative

Restoring our forests through collaborative landscape-scale initiatives

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Four national forests - the Kaibab, Coconino, Apache-Sitgreaves and Tonto - are actively engaged in a collaborative, landscape-scale initiative designed to restore fire-adapted ecosystems in the Southwestern Region. Through ongoing collaboration with a diverse group of stakeholders, the four forests are working to plan and carry out landscape-scale restoration of the ponderosa pine forests in northern Arizona.

The overall goals of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI) are to restore the structure, pattern, composition, and health of fire-adapted ponderosa pine ecosystems, reduce fuels and the risk of unnaturally severe wildfires, and provide for wildlife and plant diversity. Doing so involves a full suite of restoration projects that are carried out by Forest Service personnel, partners and volunteers, and contractors.

In addition to creating sustainable ecosystems, one of the key objectives is creating and developing sustainable industries. It is crucial to have appropriately-scaled businesses to harvest, process, and sell wood products. The restoration-based work opportunities are expected to create a variety of jobs across northern Arizona.


Lockett Meadow Fuelwood Project

Logs getting loaded into a truck at a fuelwood project site

The Lockett Meadow project is an initiative to provide fuelwood from restoration projects to elderly and in need tribal members through partnerships and collaboration.

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4FRI Phase 2 Request for Proposals

A log deck of small-diameter trees.

The Forest Service has issued the 4FRI Phase 2 Stewardship Request for Proposals, which may result in one or more large-scale long-term mechanical thinning contracts.

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