Advisory Committees

Advisory Committee

Eastern Arizona Resource Advisory Committee

Congress passed legislation to restore stability and predictability to the annual payments made to states and counties containing National Forest lands.  The Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act  establishes Resource Advisory Committees (RAC’s), appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture and consisting of fifteen local citizens and three replacement members.

RAC-funded projects must be located in Apache, Gila, Graham, Greenlee, or Navajo counties on National Forest System Lands or on nearby lands if the project will benefit resources on the National Forests. Projects can be completed by Forest Service personnel, through partnership agreements or by open-bid contracting with individuals and corporations.  The RAC works closely with the Forest Service to recommend projects that will benefit forest health, fish, wildlife, soils, watersheds and other resources; maintain roads, trails and other infrastructure; or control noxious weeds.

Generally, the committee’s role is to review and recommend projects and funding to the Forest Supervisor. The Forest Supervisor is responsible for considering the committee’s recommendations in the context of the forest land management plan and the laws and regulations that govern Forest Service activities and to approve the project if appropriate.

The RAC helps “to improve collaborative relationships and to provide advice and recommendations to the land management agencies consistent with the purposes of the Act." Members of the Eastern Arizona RAC represent a variety of interests ranging from organized labor, mining, grazing and timber interests, nationally and locally recognized environmental organizations, elected officials and tribal representatives. 


Eastern Arizona RAC Membership 


For further information about the RAC, please contact Teresa Gallagher at (928) 333-6280