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Resource Advisory Committee

The Bighorn National Forest, working with Big Horn County, has formed a resource advisory committee under the authority of the Secure Rural Schools Act. The committee is comprised of 15 people from diverse backgrounds. The committee collaborates with the Forest Service to make investments and create employment opportunities by prioritizing and implementing projects that restore and improve land health and water quality, improve the maintenance of existing infrastructure, and implement forest stewardship objectives.

The committee recommends projects for funding that was reauthorized under the Secure Rural Schools Act, reauthorized by Congress in 2008 and again in 2012 (Public Law 112-141). The law gives states and counties payments for four years, tied to the amount of national forest land in the the county and other factors. Counties designate a portion of the funds to Title II projects which are reviewed by the committee.

Projects could include road and trail maintenance or obliteration, watershed restoration and maintenance, improvement of fish and wildlife habitat, control of invasive weeds, and improvements in forest health.

For more information

Visit the Forest Service Secure Rural Schools Resource Advisory Committees Web site for more information about the Bighorn Resource Advisory Committee. At this web site, you can see a list of committee members, propose a Title II project, and view other committees in Wyoming.

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Mail/Adelaide Trail Project

photo of pack string

Glenn Ryan, lead packer for the Rocky Mountain Specialty Pack String uses Forest Service horses for a Big Horn Resource Advisory Committee project.