Located in north-central Wyoming, the Bighorn Mountains are a sister range of the Rocky Mountains. Conveniently located halfway between Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park, the Bighorns are a great vacation destination in themselves. 

No region in Wyoming is provided with a more diverse landscape - from grasslands to alpine meadows, clear lakes to glacially-carved valleys and rolling hills to sheer mountain cliffs. 

Visit the Bighorn National Forest and enjoy the multiple reservoirs, 30 campgrounds, four group campgrounds, three scenic byways, 10 picnic areas, eight lodges, many miles of streams, 189,000 acres of Wilderness, 1,200 miles of trails, and much more.

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Traditional skills are still alive and necessary

A pack string of Forest Service mules

The use of horses and mules in the Forest Service goes back to the inception of the agency in 1901 where a good animal was an equal in protecting the forest reserves.

Earn a Bighorn National Forest Junior Ranger Badge

Earn a Bighorn National Forest Junior Ranger Badge!