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USDA Forest Service - Interactive Visitor Map

The Interactive Visitor Map is a work in progress. The Boise National Forest data is in good shape but other forests have varying levels of data quality. This site will continue to be updated with additional information as it becomes available. 

This map does not show road, campground or fire area closures.  That information is located on the Alerts and Notices page.



Intermountain Region Wildfire Activity Map. 

A very good source of information showing the fire activity!



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National Forest Maps

A variety of Forest maps and publications are available at the Interagency Visitor Center in Boise at 1387 South Vinnell Way 83709.  The Boise NF Ranger District Offices, and several store outlets called (Boise NF Vendors) also carry maps.  See order form for maps and guides under related links or call the Visitor Center if you need more information at: 208-373-4007

or Toll-free number:  1-888-246-7523.

View the Forest Visitor Maps that are available for the Region.

Visitor Maps for each national forest and grassland provide forest-wide information on attractions, facilities, services, and opportunities.

These maps are available to purchase from individual forests, the National Forest Store and many retail outlets. 

Also, Idaho maps and books may be ordered from the Public Lands Information Center.



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The Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) is the legal document that shows where it is legal to drive a motor vehicle. The MVUM is re-published every year, so, please be sure that you are using the most current version when driving on the National Forest. 

Please keep motor vehicles on designated routes and areas. If you plan on camping, driving off-highway vehicles, hunting, or exploring the backcountry; please make sure you first get a free Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) to know which roads are open to motor vehicle use. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO!

If you would like a hard copy of these maps, they are available upon request at any of our forest offices or by calling the Supervisor's Office at 208-373-4007. Boise NF electronic travel aids are available in color and are available for download to Garmin GPS devices. MORE.



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Avenza users and downloading MVUMs

2019 MVUMs are available through Avenza!

The most comprehensive source for maps is the US Geological Survey. Forest Visitor Maps are also available on mobile technology through the Avenza Map Store. These maps DO NOT show all existing Forest Service roads. For a map that shows the most up to date road and motorized trail information see the information on obtaining  Motor Vehicle Use Maps.


Forest Visitor and Motor Vehicle Use Maps are available through the Avenza Map StoreThe Avenza PDF Maps Application is free of charge and available for most Apple, Android and Windows Phone Operating System products. The application can be downloaded directly to mobile devices through the iTunes store.  A beta version of the app for Android devices is also available at the Avenza website.  The maps are geo-referenced and will work in conjunction with the GPS-enabled iPhone Operating System devices (iPhone 3GS and higher/ iPads with 3G/LTE).  For more information on Avenza PDF maps, please refer to the Avenza website.  There will be a charge for the Forest Visitor Maps, while Motor Vehicle Use Maps and others will be free of charge. – Links to MVUM District Maps (pdf documents)

Boise National Forest Lowman RD Motor Vehicle Use Map 2019

Boise National Forest Emmett RD West Side Motor Vehicle Use Map 2019

Boise National Forest Emmett RD East Side Motor Vehicle Use Map 2019

Boise National Forest Cascade RD East Side Motor Vehicle Use Map 2019

Boise National Forest Cascade RD West Side Motor Vehicle Use Map 2019

Boise National Forest Idaho City RD West Side Motor Vehicle Use Map 2019 - coming soon

Boise National Forest Idaho City RD East Side Motor Vehicle Use Map 2019 - coming soon

Boise National Forest Mountain Home RD West Side Motor Vehicle Use Map 2019

Boise National Forest Mountain Home RD East Side Motor Vehicle Use Map 2019




Video instruction for downloading Forest maps with Avenza App



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Download the Boise NF 2019 Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)s with your phone using the QR codes

You may also want to go to to download their app and acquire more maps.




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Interactive Story Maps

Feature - Boise National Forest - Pioneer Fire Recovery and Restoration

Includes summary of the 2016 Pioneer Fire, initial activities and planned future actions.

(Best viewed in Chrome or Firefox browsers).



Intermountain Region of the U.S. Forest Service Web Map Application Gallery uses ArcGIS Online to share maps, data, and applications for use by other federal agencies, partners and the public.

Great stories using maps from around the region!



Photo of Frank Church Wilderness Map



Wilderness Maps

"Wilderness Maps" for many wilderness areas are available to purchase from individual forests, the National Forest Store and many retail outlets. Region 4 Wilderness Maps are also available on mobile technology through the Avenza Map Store. View the Wilderness Maps that are available for the Region

Here is a great Web site to get free topo maps.  Check out USDA FS Geo data Clearinghouse!




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Trail Maps

The Intermountain Region offers several types of trail maps, many specific to recreational activities such as cross-country skiing, backpacking and snowmobiling. However, availabiliy varies by Forest. Please contact your local Boise NF office or vendor for additional information.

The Idaho Department of Recreation also has an excellent website for maps. 





USGS Topographic Quad Map Coverage of the Forest

Transportation Base Map Index


The Forest Transportation Atlas includes maps that may not show travel restrictions and not all roads or trails are open to motorized travel.


They should not be used to make motorized travel decisions, as they are not the official motorized travel designation maps (see MVUM).


Brochures and Guides

2017 Revised - Boise NF Visitor Guide

Printable Brochures and Guides