Passes & Permits

Do you need a Permit? Maybe...

Before you plan an activity on the Forest, please be sure to check whether or not you need a permit or pass. Common activities that will need these include wood cutting, commercial mushroom picking, and cutting Christmas trees.

Personal use does not require a permit.

Permit Information

Free Use Timber and Firewood Harvest

Alaska residents wishing to remove Free Use wood products from the National Forest should thoroughly read and understand all of the information in this policy to ensure compliance with all Federal Regulations, and to understand their responsibilities to the land and its resources.

Special Use Permits

Special Use Authorizations provide use of National Forest System lands for a wide variety of activities. Authorizations can be issued to both commercial and non-commercial operations.

Recreation Passes

There are a variety of Interagency Passes which allow for discounted recreational use of certain Federal lands and facilities. See Recreational Passes and Permits for more information.