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Rare Plant Guide

Take a look at the Rare Plant Guide (The file is large .pdf 3.83 MB) of the Colville National Forest. Print and use this guide while exploring your favorite places on the forest!


Bark Beetle on the Colville National Forest

The Mountain Pine Beetle is at epidemic levels throughout the western United States and in parts of Canada.  While we have not seen the extreme  levels of infestation here in eastern Washington, concern about the epidemic is growing and the Forest Service has had requests for information on the insect’s impact here on the Colville National Forest.   We feel that the documents listed should help answer most questions at both a local scale and a regional scale. 

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Nature & Science

The most exciting way to learn about the forests is to be out there - seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling what is there! The resource materials offered on this site can help teachers and learners gain a deeper understanding of what they discover outdoors

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