Passes & Permits

Non-motorized and Snowmobile Sno-park permits for the 2020-2021 season are now available! 

There are 18 Sno-Parks that access the Colville National Forest that require sno-park permits, 5 non-motorized and 12 motorized.

Non-motorized Sno-Parks:

  1. Sherman Pass - Republic Ranger District
  2. Deer Creek Nordic - Republic Ranger District
  3. Frater Lake - Three River Ranger District
  4. Geophysical - Newport-Sullivan Lake Ranger Districts
  5. Highlands - Tonasket Ranger District

Motorized Sno-Parks:

  1. Hall Creek - Republic Ranger District
  2. Empire Lake - Republic Ranger District
  3. Albian Hill - Three Rivers Ranger District
  4. Flodelle/Tacoma Creek - Three Rivers Ranger Districts
  5. Mill Creek - Three Rivers Ranger Districts
  6. Ninebark - Newport-Sullivan Ranger Districts
  7. Kings Lake - Newport-Sullivan Ranger Districts
  8. Flowery Trail - Newport-Sullivan Ranger District
  9. Kerr - Tonasket Ranger District
  10. Crawfish - Tonasket Ranger District 
  11. Bonaparte - Tonasket Ranger District 
  12. Scatter Creek - Tonasket Ranger District

 Recreation passes and permits

  • Recreation Passes & Permits: In Washington and Oregon some national forest recreation sites require a day use fee.  This section includes information about where fees are charged and which passes may be used to cover these fees.

Forest products permits

  • Edible material, Decorative material, Christmas trees, Plants, Woody material (includes Firewood permit, posts and poles information).

Special Use and Event Permits

  • Permits for other items such as electrical easements, minerals, etc.
  • Filming, Group use, and Outfitter guide information

Please contact the appropriate Ranger District Office for information on other permits not listed.