Working Together

The US Forest Service works in partnership with public agencies, private organizations, tribes, watershed groups, volunteer organizations, nonprofit organizations, schools, and individuals to manage national forest resources. These include water, fish, trees, soil, recreation facilities, roads, terrestrial habitats, invasive weeds, and more.


Northeast Washington Forest Vision 2020 Collaborative Project

The Northeast Washington Forest Vision 2020 Collaborative project - NEW Forest Vision 2020 centers on the Kettle River Range, nestled between the Cascades and Rocky Mountains. The diverse forests of the Kettles vary from lodgepole pine in high-elevation wildlands to dry ponderosa pine in the wildland-urban interface. In between are gradients of mixed conifer and even pockets of coastal type cedar-hemlock. The Kettle River Range is a meeting place for the forests of the Cascade and Rocky Mountains, a diverse haven for elk, mule deer, redband cutthroat, westslope cutthroat trout, Canada lynx, pileated woodpecker, and pine marten.  The project is using brush removal, small diameter tree thinning, and controlled burns to decrease the risk of destructive mega-fires across 124,396 acres in the project area. These activities are also producing material for local sawmills and secondary manufacturers, as well as provide biomass for a local power producer. 

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