Working Together

FNST Coalition 

The FNST Coalition is comprised of a diverse, representative sample of trail partners dedicated to ensuring the development, maintenance, and promotion of the Florida Trail to ensure an optimum recreation experience. The variety of perspectives, backgrounds, concerns and organizations helps ensure that a wide spectrum of recreationists’ interests are considered in management decisions going forward.  Visit the FNST Coalition page to learn more.


Land Managers

As it traverses the state, the Florida National Scenic Trail crosses numerous public and private lands. The FNST would not be the celebrated public resource it is today without the cooperation and assistance of many land managers. Land managers and their staff work with and support volunteers in building and maintaining the Trail. They support and advocate for the development, maintenance and promotion of the Florida Trail.  Visit the Land Managers page for more information. 

The following graphic illustrates the breakdown of Florida Trail land managers by agency type:Land managers breakdown 










Volunteers are the backbone of the Florida National Scenic Trail.  Some of their highly valued efforts include building, planning and maintaining the Florida Trail, guiding hikes, filling leadership roles and working with land managers. The Florida Trail Association is a partner to the USDA Forest Service in managing volunteers on the Florida Trail.

Incorporated in 1964, the Florida Trail Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit volunteer organization that helps build, maintain, protect and promote the 1,000-mile Florida Trail.  Visit our Volunteers page for more information.


Grant Opportunities

As a recreational trail, the Florida National Scenic Trail is eligible for several grant opportunities. These opportunities are available for land managers and stewardists and include the RTP, Kodak, North Face, National Forest Foundation, American Hiking Society and more. The Florida National Scenic Trail has benefited with grants from the American Hiking Society and the Recreational Trails Program for trail construction and maintenance, infrastructure development, and more!

For more information on what grant opportunities are open or to view some previous projects on the Florida Trail that successfully acquired grants, please visit our grant opportunities page.

Sand Pond at Pine Log State Forest

Pine Log State Forest