About the Forest

The Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF) and the Finger Lakes National Forest (FLNF) are Vermont's and New York's only public, federally managed National Forests. While both the GMNF and FLNF are managed in ways that strive to be sensitive to local concerns and resource capabilities, they share an administrative unit on the GMNF to take advantage of efficiencies to be gained by close geographic location.

The Green Mountain & Finger Lakes (GMFL) National Forests offer sprawling quintessential northeastern woodland settings in New York and Vermont. Whether to hike, ski, or admire the fall foliage, diverse recreation opportunities draw in visitors year-round.

The GMFL National Forests operate as one administrative unit; services, budget, and other needs are coordinated and shared across the forests. Since the Finger Lakes is so small, (about 16,000 acres and the second smallest in the National Forest System!) and so close to the Green Mountains, it’s efficient to share administrative resources between the two forests. While the forests are administratively one unit, the land on both are managed unique to their differing local concerns and resource capabilities.


Green Mountain National Forest

Spruce Peak Trail

The Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF) is the only federally managed National Forest in Vermont. Encompassing more than 400,000 acres in southwestern and central Vermont, the Forest is the largest contiguous public land area in the state. Characterized by striking scenery that combines rugged mountain peaks with quintessential Vermont villages, the Forest is an attraction for many visitors. The GMNF signifies a multiple-use ethic through its role of providing ecological and science-based forestry stewardship, clean water, diverse vegetation, high-value, high-quality forest products, economic and educational contributions, and trail-based backcountry recreation.


Finger Lakes National Forest

Four people ride horses along a trail through open grasslands on Finger Lakes National Forest.

The only National Forest in New York, the 16,000-acre Finger Lakes National Forest lies on a ridge between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes in the beautiful Finger Lakes region. Woodlands interspersed with ponds and open pastures make the Forest a popular destination for camping, hunting, horseback riding, and more. Staying true to the history of the land, a large proportion of grasslands on the National Forest continue to be maintained using sustainable grazing practices which in turn help to provide habitat for grassland dependent plants and animals. Rochester, Syracuse and Binghamton are all within a two-hour drive of the Forest, which is easily accessed from 1-90 and 1-81 and State Route 17. We encourage you to come explore and enjoy its history, natural beauty and many resource uses. 


Our Offices

Green Mountain

The Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forests; Supervisor's Office is located in Rutland, VT. The Green Mountain National Forest in Vermont has Ranger Stations in Manchester and Rochester, VT. The Finger Lakes National Forest in New York has a Ranger Station in Hector, NY. Office hours and contact informaiton can be found here. 

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