Just for Kids



The Green Mountain & Finger Lakes National Forests are fun places with lots to do. There is something for everyone here so get your parents out of the house and into the forest!


Natural Inquirer

The Natural Inquirer is a science education journal for the middle school audience created so that scientists can share their research with students. Each article tells readers about scientific research conducted by scientists in the USDA Forest Service. The Natural Inquirer brings Forest Service research to 100,000+ children and their educators each year.


Urban Outreach

The Forest Service, through Research and Development, National Forest Systems, and State and Private Forestry, is reaching urban and suburban dwellers and bringing more people outdoors on public and private lands. Our Urban Connections program has projects in four northeastern and midwestern cities. In Chicago, we are partnering with others in the Chicago Wilderness Consortium.  This consortium includes 225,000 acres of protected lands in the greater Chicago area, including the Midewin National Prairie. The Forest Service is implementing similar partnerships in cities such as Atlanta, Los Angeles, Tacoma, Portland, Houston, New York City, and Boston.

For more information, visit the Kids in the Woods web site:


Fishing Derbies

Two silver and green fish lay in a net. A reel and rod with with a cork handle accompanies them.

While the Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF) and the Finger Lakes National Forest (FLNF) are in two separate states, they have one thing in common – they both offer wonderful fishing opportunities to local youth and the public at large.