We've made important changes affecting the way the Forest Service does business with it's contractors and vendors. These changes affect the way solicitation and award information is made available for review, a faster method of payments, and an overall greater dependence on the Internet and electronic methods of doing business.


Contracting with Us

The Federal Acquisition Regulations now require all contractors to be registered in the System For Award
Management (SAM) database
prior to award of any contract or agreement.  Register by following the link and reviewing the instructions on the left side of the page.

Contract Solicitations

Many pre-solicitation notices, project packages, and award notices are posted electronically through the Federal Business Opportunties (FBO) website. Refer to "user guides" on their website for information on navigation.

FBO enables agencies to post synopses, solicitations, and award information electronically via the internet. FBO replaces hard-copy solicitation packages and pre-solicitation notices.

Contractors can register (free of charge) to receive e-mail notifications: for contracting opportunities with selected agencies; by product service classifications; or for all procurement notices. Contractors can retrieve selected solicitations over $25,000 as well as some under $25,000. 



The "Submit Invoice-to" address for USDA orders is the Department of Treasury's Invoice Processing Platform (IPP). All invoices are to be submitted online via the electronic Invoice Processing Platform. This is a mandatory requirement initiated by the U.S. Department of Treasury. Your company must register at to establish an account in order to submit an invoice on this project.


Local Contact Information

The following purchasing leads for our local offices can provide more information about specific Forest and project needs.


Local Purchasing Leads
National Forest Office Purchasing Leads

Green Mountain & Finger Lakes

Derick Yara, 802-747-6752

White Mountain

Martina Marschall, 603-536-6210


KC Morrison 814-728-6243


The North East Acquisition Team

For all large project and non-project questions contact the North East Acquisition Team (NEAT), headquartered in Warren, PA. The NEAT provides shared services for contracting and acquisition services to the following units:

Green Mountain National Forest located in Rutland, VT

To contact the North East Acquisition Team:

North East Acquisition Team
4 Farm Colony Drive
Warren, PA 16365
FAX: (814) 726-1465