Financial assistance through grants and cooperative agreements is available to cooperators from the Forest Service (primarily Research and State and Private Forestry units).

Staff Can Assist In:

  • Completing applications for grant assistance
  • Requesting reimbursements
  • Administrative support for record keeping
  • Clarification of technical terminology

Who We Help With Grant Administration?

  • Communities
  • Forests or Grasslands administering the grants
  • States
  • Tribes
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Universities and Colleges


  • Training available on grants and cooperative agreements
  • Call-when-needed resource for information on:
    - Regulations and authorities
    - Matching requirements
    - Form requirements

For more information about this program, view or download the brochure A Cooperarator's Guide to Forest Service Assistance Through Grants and Cooperative Agreements (PDF, 2 pages, 312kb)

Additional information concerning federal grants can be found on the Office of Management and Budget web site.