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What's New: The scoping material is here!

Thank you for the helpful input you've provided so far, we hope you'll continue to provide feedback as we move from the assessments into the next phase of revision: plan development. This exciting next step begins with the scoping material, which includes the needs for change, the vision and distinctive roles and contributions, and the management area framework. Once you've reviewed these sections, please consider providing feedback by June 2nd.

Please check out the Scoping Guide and consider reviewing a recorded webinar session to find out more about scoping and how to provide input.

Other Updates

We're also pleased to announce that the rest of the revised Assessment Reports are here! You'll find edits are highlighted in gray to be immediately apparent, and some changes based on your comments include updated species overviews, a new Groundwater Assessment, an interactive storymap, and other improvements, which we hope you'll take the time to explore.

Thank you as well for the helpful input you provided on the draft Wilderness Inventory and the draft Evaluation Criteria. Comments submitted so far can be found in the Wilderness public reading room. The team is currently working on improving these components based on your feedback, and we hope to publish revised editions later this spring.

Thank you for your continued participation!

How to Shape Your National Forests from Your Forests Your Future.

Each National Forest and Grassland operates under management identified in a Forest Plan. Over the years these plans are updated in a process known as Forest Planning. That's where you come in! The Forest Service needs your help in deciding what changes need to made on the GMUG. The Forest Plan Revision process guided by the 2012 Planning Rule serves as an opportunity to look at what is working and what may not be working using best available science and meaningful public involvement. Our current forest plan was approved in 1983 and has been amended five times, but a lot has changed over the years. We can change management direction, prioritize certain things over other things, etc., but we need your help. Join this conversation and have a say in the management of your GMUG National Forests.