Working Together


The Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forest is a large and varied forest with over 2.9 million acres spanning nine counties. Managing this forest  requires the effort of not only dedicated employees, but a great many partners and volunteers who contribute greatly to the successful management of forest resources as well as providing services to forest visitors like you.

 Our partners help maintain recreation sites and trails, reduce hazardous fuels, restore watersheds, monitor wildlife populations, improve wildlife and fisheries habitat, inventory and monitor archeological and historic sites, provide input to proposed management activities, conduct conservation education programs, and respond to emergency incidents. Our partners include a number of federal agencies, tribes, State of Colorado , conservation organizations, universities, public entities and private citizens. Their assistance is provided through a number of avenues including various grants, partnerships, and volunteer efforts.

The importance of working together to manage all the natural resources grows every year. Working with other federal, state, and local agencies, user groups, and organizations that want to be involved in public land management is critical to provide the setting and products available on the Forest. This section provides opportunities and means to work together!

Volunteer Opportunities -Preserving Our Public Land Legacy

Greater Rocky Mountain Resource Advisory Council

A few examples of successful projects thanks to our partners and volunteers!

Job Corp and Forest Service Partner in celebration of the Wilderness 50th

Thanks for all your hard work- Youth Conservation Corps on the GMUG

Whacking the Weeds in Wilderness

Partners Bridge the gap between trail safety and ATV ventures

Youth energize Forest Service summer projects

Popular peak trails improved through partnerships

Local hiker group gives back to their public lands



group working on new trail

Volunteers helping construct sections of the Rock of Ages trail providing public acces to Wilson Peak.

youth putting in cattleguard

Trail crew installing a new cattle guard on an ATV route. OHV fees provide funding for maintaining motorized trails.