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The Kootenai National Forest offers a set of maps including Forest Visitor maps, Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM), District Maps, wilderness maps and 7 1/2 minute quadrangle maps.  These maps are available directly from the Kootenai National Forest's main offices or may be available online for viewing or purchase.  The following information can help you find what you need.

Map Descriptions and Availability


The Forest Visitor Map depicts National Forest Lands, other Agency and Privately owned lands along with lakes, roads, trails and recreation sites such as campgrounds, fishing access sites, picnic areas, cabin and lookout rentals. Scale - 1/2" / mile.

Date of last printing:


Purchasing Options:

Combine this map with the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) for more complete travel information.


The MVUM display National Forest System routes including roads, trails and areas designated open to motorized use. If the route or area is not shown on the MVUM, the route or area is closed to motor vehicles.

Date of last printing:

  • Hardcopies - 2019 (hardcopy maps have update notes with an applied sticker)
  • Avenza Online - 2015 versions



District Maps are printed with topographic lines at a scale of 1:100,000.    They include National Forest ownership, along with mountain tops, streams, rivers, lakes and recreation facilities such as campgrounds, fishing access sites, picnic areas, and cabin or lookout rentals.  Combine this map with the Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) for more complete travel information.  The four maps that are available include Cabinet, Libby, Rexford and Fortine, and Three Rivers District maps.

Date of last printing:

  • Rexford and Fortine RD - 2017
  • Three Rivers RD - 2011
  • Libby RD - 2011
  • Cabinet RD - 2016



The Cabinet Mountains Wilderness map is a 1"/mile contour map with lakes, trails, adjacent roads, and trailheads within the Wilderness area.

Date of last printing:

  • 1992


  • Interactive Visitor Map

    Graphic of a map of the US with brown rec symbols displayed across the US. A graphic of a mobile phone with the Interactive Visitor Map app is overlaid.

    The Forest Service Interactive Visitor Map provides the public with an online view of Forest Service roads, trails, recreation sites, wilderness areas, and wild & scenic rivers. You can view the map online or download the app for your mobile device.

  • Purchase Maps Online

    Graphic of the USGS logo over a collage of map products with a Forest Service shield graphic.

    National Forest maps (including the Kootenai National Forest) are available for purchase at the USGS online map store. Forest Servide maps are also available for online purchase at the Public Lands Interpretive Association store.

  • Avenza Maps

    Graphic of R1 Avenza map store showing small search map and list of available maps.

    Kootenai Motor Vehicle Use Maps - MVUM (free) and Ranger District maps ($3.99) are available for use with Avenza. Get the Avenza app and then download from the Region 1 Avenza Maps store.

  • FSTopo (Quad) Maps

    Thumbnail graphic of a topop map showing contour lines.

    FSTopo is the Forest Service series of large scale topographic maps. FSTopo maps are 7.5 minute, 1:24,000-scale over the conterminous United States, and 15 minute X 20-22.5 minute, 1:63,360-scale over Alaska. 

  • Fire History Map

    Thumbnail graphic of a map showing fire boundaries.

    Fire plays a natural role in the Kootenai National Forest and NW Montana ecosystem. Use our interactive map viewer to explore the wildland fire history for the Northern Region of the Forest Service

Brochures & Flyers

Please note the following list of  brochures and flyers are not comprehensive of all available items.  Forest offices generally have a full complement of available items in hardcopy format.


  • Geospatial Data
    View/Download Forest Service GIS datasets in various formats from our national repositories.
  • USGS Store OffSite Link

    You can purchase maps of the Kootenai National Forest and other national forests at The US Geological Survey (USGS) Store