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We offer a variety of employment opportunities, ranging from student programs, volunteer programs, seasonal and full time employment. Find Lolo National Forest-specific employment information below. For additional information, please visit Region 1 Jobs, Forest Service Jobs, or contact a local office.


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Forest Service employee at work rennovating an historic lookoutTEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT

October 30-November 9, 2020: Northern Region Summer Jobs for 2021 are open in USAJobs. Find out more.

Every year, the Forest Service hires thousands of temporary employees for a variety of jobs, most of them in the field. All positions are advertised and hired through USAJobs.

We have opportunities in Fire, Recreation, Wildlife Biology, Silviculture, Timber, Fisheries, Visitor Information Services and more!


Permanent Employment

October 26-November 13, 2020: Northern Region Fire Hire is open for application on USAJobs. Find out more.

All permanent Forest Service jobs are advertised and hired through USAJobs. You can search the openings by location, salary range, or by "series" (a system for identifying the type of work). Open positions can be found on the Forest Service Outreach website.

Who we are

Are You Looking for Just a Job, or a Lifetime Career Adventure?

For more than a century, since 1905, Forest Service employees have been on the front line of conservation, resource utilization, and wildland management. Today, there is more excitement, greater challenges, and more career choices than ever before available to people who join the Nation's premier forest management agency.

Managing some of the most magnificent lands in our nation in ways that are most effective for the land, water, air, wildlife, and people of America is our mission, and a great responsibility.

The Forest Service is constantly moving forward. Our fundamental responsibility is sound and scientific focus on stewardship and sustainability of the land, water and communities. Exciting advances in science and technology, communications, national and global priorities, and public expectations are opening new vistas for Forest Service employees.

Much of our work today involves collaboration with other Federal and State agencies, local communities, private and tribal landowners, university research centers, and international organizations.

We are a nationwide organization of more than 30,000 people engaged in hundreds of specific occupations, including; Foresters, Biologists, Engineers, Teachers, Firefighters, Accountants, Computer Specialists, Law Enforcement, Public Affairs Specialists, Recreation Specialists, Geographic Information Specialists, and more. Most Forest Service employees focus on managing and improving our Nation's forests and grasslands. Some employees focus on Forest and Range research, others focus on human resource development in Job Corps Centers, and others focus on state and private forestry coordination. This may sound simple, but it's not. It takes skilled individuals across several hundred disciplines working in coordinated teamwork nationwide.