Outdoor Safety & Ethics

As a visitor to our national forests and grasslands, you will find many opportunities to enjoy and explore nature's creations. Our sites not only include the mighty timberlands, but mountains, hills, lakes, deserts, and the wildlife that inhabit these lands. These areas create great passageways for America's highways, byways, and backroads leading to great recreation activities. However, because of the large territories that are covered by forests, unforeseen dangers can challenge visitors. The following sections and links will help you explore these topics.


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Hazard Tree Safety

All that looks green is not green through and through. A standing tree could have the possibility of causing serious injuries to persons and property. Trees can become hazardous due to significant flaws or structural damages. Every tree will fail over a life span. The Forest Service expends time and energy to gain knowledge of each tree species, site characteristics, and local weather conditions to minimize the risk to our employees, structures, and property. The Forest Service is also involved in timber cutting to provide resources for our nation. Although this service has been executed for many years, there remains a danger to those involved in the procedure.