Partnerships in the Northern Region

Our partners are vital to stewarding the land, promoting critical resources and experiences to promote economic, ecological, and social vitality and connecting people to the land and one another.

Falls Creek southwest of Augusta, Montana
USDA Forest Service Photo
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Here in the Northern Region the Forest Service works with many different partners. These partners help us to further our mission of caring for the land and serving people.

This site is designed to help you understand what a partnership is, how to create one, sustain one, or nurture current partnerships.

Partnerships come in many forms. They allow us to work with our local communities to reach common goals. The main ingredients are mutual interest and benefit.

Region 1 has hundreds of partnerships through our four-state region (Montana, Northern Idaho, North Dakota, and Northwest South Dakota).

Look over the links on the right side of this page and learn more about partnerships. See if one may be a right fit for you and/or your organization. If so, contact our Regional Partnership Coordinator for more details.


Northern Region Partners

Partners like MCC work on trails, buildings, and more

Partnerships are vital to the successful management of National Forests and Grasslands.  The Regional Office has many partners that help in its role to support our Forests and Grasslands.

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