Passes & Permits

Hiker standing on a rock viewing a cloudy sunset behind the mountains.

The Alaska Region is home to the Chugach and Tongass national forests and contains some of the most expansive wilderness in the country, offering a variety of unique recreational opportunities. To manage resources properly, the Forest Service has three specialized programs offering three types of permits: Recreation, Special Use, and Forest Product.

Visit these pages for additional information regarding these types of permits.

Recreation Passes & Permits

The Forest Service may require recreation permits when measures are needed to protect natural or cultural resources, to restrict the number of people participating in the activity at any one time, to provide extra safety or for other specialized services. Visit this page for more information about permit requirements to help plan your trip.

Special Use Permits

Special use authorizations authorize use or occupancy of National Forest System lands for a wide variety of activities. Authorizations are issued to commercial and noncommmercial operations which provide use of and access to these lands.  Permits are also issued for private, non-exclusive use.  Visit this page for more information.

Special Forest Products Permits

Gathering non-timber forest resources (like mushrooms, Christmas trees, berries, etc.) may require a permit.Visit this page for more information.­­­

Forest Products are forest resources that are used for personal, commercial, and scientific purposes. Examples include Christmas trees, mushrooms, berries, firewood, live plants, collections of cones, bark, conks, and boughs.


Recreation Event Permits

Recreation events are temporary, authorized commercial activities. Examples are: races, dog trials, fishing contests, adventure games, youth treks, concerts, and other similar events.

Filming and Photography Permits

Use of moving image or audio recording equipment on National Forest System (NFS) for advertisement , the creation of a product for sale, or the use of actors, models, sets, or props.


Noncommercial Group Use Permit

For any activity conducted on NFS lands in which no entry or participation fee is charged & the primary purpose is not the sale of a good or service.

Outfitter/Guide Permits

A permit is required when the outfitting/guiding operation is conducted on National Forest System (NFS) lands or waters.