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A silty creek cuts through a lush green forested mountainside in Turnagain Pass.

Spring is coming, bringing new life, growth, and greener forests. Turnagain Pass area of the Chugach National Forest.

USFS Photo

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World Wildlife Day March 3

A black bear and a bald eagle sit in the same tree.

Learn about the wildlife of the Alaska Region.

Bears of Alaska

Birds of Alaska 

Multilingual Animal Names

Alaska's Forest Fish

Alaska Fish Art Contest

Sockeye salmon on land about to be eaten by a brown bear

A creative learning opportunity for school-age students. Open through Mar 31.

Find the Alaska entry form here: https://bit.ly/3bXC3pR 

For more information go to the official website:  www.fishart.org

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Shades of Green

A foggy forest.

Explore the Tongass National Forest in the Shades of Green video series.

March Madness

A leaf with signs of pest issues.

Follow the #AlaskaForestHealth Forest Pest Face-off on Twitter.


World Water Day March 22

Underwater view of ice.

From groundwater to glaciers, water comes in many forms in the Alaska Region. 

Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area

Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center

We are working on a sustainable recreation Master Plan...

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