Deliver Economic, Environmental, and Social Benefits. Kristin Musch and Nancy O'Brien present the Cordova Ranger District's Ice Worm Parade float. Photo of dead aspen. Chugach National Forest teaches Girl Scouts about Avalanche Science at UAA. Acting Thorne Bay District Ranger Sandra Stevens atop the USFS Fire truck throwing red, white, and blue necklaces to the happy crowds. Midnight calm over Drier Bay, Knight Island, Alaska.


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Alaska Region Strategic Plan

Cover of the Alaska Region Strategic Plan with a brown bear in the water and her three cubs above.

The Alaska Region’s Strategic Plan documents the key focus areas for the region. It clarifies leadership intent and defines clear strategies that we will work on in FY17 and beyond to move us forward in meeting that intent.


Beth Pendleton, Regional Forester


NatureWatch Alaska

Photographer photographing a large flock of shorebirds in Cordova.

Summer is coming and we'd like to help you start planning your Alaska vacation. Use our interactive map to select the location in Alaska that you want to visit.

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Women of the Alaska Region

Sheila Spores at work standing in the trees.

Celebrating Women's History Month, we reminisce on stories past of the women of the Alaska Region.

Call for Avian Artists

Hummingbird Logo for the 2017 Hummingbird Festival.

Alaskan Artists are requested to submit your avian artwork for the 2017 Alaska Hummingbird Festival and Juried Art Show.


Interactive Visitor Map

IVM for R10

Checkout our interactive map to find places and activities to plan your next adventure.

Voices of the Wilderness

Lindsay Carron sketches the landscape

The Voices of the Wilderness artist residency is a unique opportunity

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