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Current weather conditions from the National Weather Service are updated continually. Use the menu below to find weather conditions captured by for a specific forest or grassland. The weather reports are for the Forest Supervisor office locations. Enter a city and state in either weather report web site for a more specific location. Weather conditions for the Regional Office located in Ogden, Utah.



USGS posts updated water information regarding water droughts, stream flow maps, and flood and high flow information, as well as a number of other items.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) provides national water and climate information. Here is where you can find water supply, snow pack, precipitation, and reservoir reports, as well as stream flow forecasts and data.

Fires and Emergencies

The National Interagency Center posts an updated copy of the Situation Report on a daily basis. This is a national report that captures specific information regarding large fires, an outlook for the day, the total number of fires and acreage burned, as well as the current number of committed resources.

Utah Fire Info
Idaho Fire Info 
Nevada Fire Info
Wyoming Fire Info
Great Basin Coordination Center
Incidents throughout the U.S. - InciWeb

Weather, Smoke, and Fire images are pulled several times a day from an Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) satellite. Archived images are filed for research and comparison purposes.


The Forest Service National Celebrating Wildflowers web site has officially being launched. This new web site is the gateway to an enormous amount of botanical information provided by our partners. A number of other modules such as rare plants, native plant materials, ethnobotany, lichens, ferns and other botany subject areas are currently under development and will posted to the web site as they become finalized. Go to the Intermountain Region portion of the web site.