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Star Valley Ranch Community becoming Firewise in Wyoming

Wood and branches stacked on the side of the road.The town of Star Valley Ranch was the first incorporated town in the state of Wyoming to receive Firewise community status. The community had a goal to become a Firewise adapted community. One of the first steps in becoming a Firewise community was doing a Firewise assessment. Read the entire story

Emergency Medical Short-Haul Program

Photo of a medic looking up while being hoisted.Emergency Medical Short-Haul is used to get emergency medical care to the seriously injured and respond to life threatening injures that happen in the field. With insertion and extraction options, it is an effective method to get help in and the injured out of places that are normally inaccessible. Read the entire story


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Hazardous Fuels Reduction

What is Hazardous Fuels Reduction?
Hazardous fuels are overgrown shrubs, grasses and dead or downed trees that can lead to more intense wildland fires. Hazardous fuels reduction is a program that allows managers to cooperate with states, counties and other federal agencies to reduce the risk of uncharacteristic wildland fires in the wildland urban interface, where homes meet the forest.

Region 4 Fire Hire

Photo of a firefighting crew hiking on a trail.

The Intermountain Region Fire Hire program has been implemented to streamline the hiring process for hiring permanent full time and permanent part time fire positions at the GS3 - GS9 levels and allow for more consistent hiring around the Region. This hiring process is in response to a continual vacancy situation that all national forests in the Intermountain Region face. The unique feature of this process is the ability to immediately backfill positions that have been vacated during the fire hiring process. This is not for summer seasonal temporary positions. All positions filled during Fire Hire require a minimum of 90 days of wildland firefighting experience. To apply go to, for instructions on how to apply read ‘Applying on’ and 'Tips for Writing a Federal Resume'.


Wildfire Decision Support (WFDSS)

The Wildland Fire Decision Support System evolved from the need to improve decision-making and take advantage of improvements ...

State Cooperative Fire Master Agreements

Annual State Cooperative Fire Operating Plans and supporting documents for each of the States within the Intermountain Region.