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Welcome to the Intermountain Region's Threatened, Endangered & Sensitive (TES) Species program web site. The purpose of this site is to provide ready access to information concerning the Region’s Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive Species conservation program.


Region 4 Threatened, Endangered and Sensitive Species List



Photo of a beaver dam blocking part of a river near a bridge.The Ogden and Logan Ranger Districts met with a biologist from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources to discuss beaver and beaver management on the Forest. Areas of conflict (places where we often have beaver that cause damage to public property such as campgrounds and culverts) were collectively identified, and areas for potential restoration of beaver (where we don’t currently have beaver but would like to see them). With this information, the districts have started planning on ways to “live with beaver” in areas of conflict. The way of doing this are installing structures to beaver dams that keep them at a stable level, or to culverts that deter beaver from blocking them.

In areas where this is not feasible, plans will be made to live capture the entire beaver colony and move the beavers to an area that meets their biological needs:

  1. a perennial water source,
  2. availability of dam building materials,
  3. ability to build a dam at low flow,
  4. likelihood of dams to withstand a typical flood, and
  5. likelihood that stream gradient would not limit or completely eliminate dam building by beaver.

Three locations on the Logan Ranger District and two on the Ogden Ranger District have been identified that meet this criteria.

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