Working Together

[Photo]: Forest Service employees help during a community tree planing.The agency values the knowledge and expertise of out-side partners. We partner with many different organizations to complete projects on the ground.  Partnerships is one way that we can engage the local communities to actively participate in activities to better watersheds, wildlife habitat, restore riparian areas, clear trails and campsites for folks to have a great recreation experience.

Partners - federal, state, county, non-profit organizations.

Volunteers - There are many volunteer opportunities in the Intermountain Region.

Students - The Forest Service often hires full-time students to work part-time while attending school.

Forest Users - pick up garbage, leave no trace, tread lightly, put out fires, respect others and property, aware of what others may be doing. 

Contracting - Opportunities for commercial vendor to contract with the government to perform many different tasks.


Resource Advisory Committees

The Intermountain Region cooperates with five Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Resource Advisory Committees (RACs) to make recommendations on creating new or changing existing recreation fees managed by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management. The Forest Service and BLM signed an interagency agreement to enable both agencies to use existing BLM Resource Advisory Councils (RACs), where appropriate. More information can be found on the National Recreation RAC web page.

Recommendations from the RACs are combined with other public notification and communication efforts to help the Forest Service make sound decisions regarding recreation fees.

Intermountain Acquisition Management

The Intermountain Region conducts a full range of acquisition activities to support the programs and goals of the Forest Service. The majority of our procurement is done through competitive means. We also actively support and participate in preferential programs such as small business set-asides, the 8(a) program and mandatory source programs. All procurements expected to exceed $25,000 are advertised on the federal business opportunities webpage. This site provides a brief synopsis of the project, i.e., location, scope of the work, information of how to obtain the solicitation, and any special conditions.