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We Want You to Be Safe in the South

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Please take a few moments to read through the current alerts and notices of the National Forests located in the southern region. Because of the large land base covered by our region of 13 states, many unforeseen dangers present unpredictable challenges for our visitors. We do our best to post the latest information, however safety is your responsibility.

Before venturing out, please contact the nearest Forest Service office for recent information on alerts, advisories, notices and closures.

Special Orders

Special orders are put into effect to address particular management problems. Special Orders may be enacted on several levels, including: 

  • Nationally (e.g. from the Washington office and affecting all National Forests); 
  • Multi-Regional (e.g. Multi-agency orders);
  • Regional (e.g. Region 8); 
  • Forest (e.g. Daniel Boone National Forest); and 
  • District levels (e.g. London Ranger District).

Special orders are signed by Regional Foresters and/or Forest Supervisors and vary in duration.

Special orders are posted at Forest Service Ranger District offices and Forest Supervisors offices in the office nearest to the area affected, or they may be posted at the Ranger Station and the actual site.

Some of the reasons for implementation of special orders is to protect public safety, prevent resource damage, preserve a particular area's setting (such as those areas closed to motorized travel), protect wildlife populations, and many other reasons. Special orders may prohibit a specific activity, or impose permit requirements. Some examples of permits that may be required are day-use, hiking, camping or burning permits.


Regional Orders


Forest Orders