Resource Advisory Committees

The U.S. Forest Service is seeking nominations to fill 11 positions on the Southern Region Recreation Resource Advisory Committee to serve national forests across the Southeast. The committee is tasked with reviewing fee proposals for the forests in 13 southern states and Puerto Rico and recommending fee changes.

Potential nominees must represent the following forest-related interests:

  • Category One:  Five people who represent recreation users, one in each position:  camping, summer motorized, summer non-motorized, wildlife and nature viewing/viewing of interpretive sites and hunting and fishing.
  • Category Two:  Three people who represent interest groups that include:  outfitter and guides (two positions), and local environmental groups (one position).
  • Category Three:  Three people, one in each position:  State tourism official, a person who represents affected local government interests, and a person who represents affected Indian tribes. 

Applicants will be recommended to the Regional Forester for a three-year term appointment based on the following criteria:

  • How the person is qualified to represent one or more of the interest listed above.
  • Experience working with underserved populations including people of color.
  • Why the person wants to serve on the committee and what they can contribute.
  • Past experience in successfully working in a group setting.

Nominees’ demonstrated ability to represent minorities, women, and persons with disabilities will be considered in membership selections.  United States Department of Agriculture policies regarding equal opportunity will be followed.

The RRAC members will receive travel and per diem expenses for regularly scheduled meetings, however, they will not receive compensation.  The jurisdiction of the RRAC covers the National Forests in: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and the territory of Puerto Rico.

Completed criteria responses and applications are due by December 1, 2023, and may be mailed to:

Southern Region Recreation RAC by U.S. Mail:
Caroline Mitchell
Ouachita National Forest
P.O Box 1270
Hot Springs, AR  71902

or Express Delivery: 

Caroline Mitchell
Ouachita National Forest
100 Reserve Street
Hot Springs, AR  71901

For more information, please contact Tiffany Williams at 404-576-1024 or email

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For a word file version of the application click here and for the nomination criteria requirement click here.