Just for Kids

Hey kids! What do you want to do or see when you go camping this summer?

Check out these websites to learn about your favorite animal, bird or place before you go. Wildflowers of the Wallowa-Whitman Coloring Book

Every Kid in a Park

The Every Kid in a Park (EKIP) is a Presidential intiave that began in 2015. It's goal is to 'help get all children to visit and enjoy the outdoors and inspire a new generation of Americans to experience their country’s unrivaled public lands and waters'...(more)


Get Your Smokey On

Read all about Smokey Bear 'facts', play some outdoor games, and watch a few outdoor videos.

Fire & Rescue: Educational Activity Book


Discover the Forest

Come to the Forest - image wiht small boy in a grassy fieldOn the Discover the Forest website you can match the animal tracks, create leaf rubbings, learn how to use a compass, find out how to become a Jr. Forest Ranger, and more.



View this YouTube video with Shrek in the Forest.

(The use of Shrek® and 'Shrek Forever After™ - Discover The Forest' is a partnership with DreamWorks Animation, The Advertising Council and the USDA Forest Service as part of their "Re-connecting Kids with Nature" PSA campaign).

Tread Lightly! for Kids

Lightfoot the cartoon squirrel for Treadlightly!


This Tread Lightly! website has an ATV trail maze, Lightfoot's story, coloring pages, story builder, outdoor quiz and more.



Nature Watch icon with animals and binoculars


On this site you can learn where to go watch wildlife, and it has live video cams of animals



Watershed, Fish, Wildlife, Air, and Rare Plants

With the excellent web browsers currently available and Wikipedia, this sort of link listing has limited value as you can probably find all of this information easily. There are a few gems that might not come up on the top of a search. This National Forest Service link provides a compilation of links which will help identify and educate.