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With the excellent web browsers currently available and Wikipedia, this sort of link listing has limited value as you can probably find all of this information easily. There are a few gems that might not come up on the top of a search. This list is a legacy of website before web browsers existed. We have discussed deleting this page but as soon as we do we receive an email thanking us for the list.
Please let us know if you find broken or dead links.

Special 'shout out' to our NatureWatch program. It is an excellent resource for connecting with nature - check out the 'LIVE' programs such as BatsLIVE, CavesLIVE, FreshWaterLIVE and GrasslandsLIVE.

Animals & Plants (A - Z) Programs & Groups (A - Z)

Broad Collection of Leaflets: NRCS



Animal Info (rare, threatened & endangered mammals)



Bears, Grizzly - FWS Conservation



Conifer/Gymnosperm Database



(see also 'Ungulates)







Mammals - tour all the FWS National Refuges meeting some of the mammals that live there. For example, Turnbull NWR, Nisqually NWR, or Quivira NWR.


Mountain Lion Project

Plants Are Cool Too!




Topography Maps! Digital versions of the USGS topographical maps for the continental United States.

Tree Identification - Arbor Day

Tree Identification - Tree Musketeers

Tree Link




Water Conservation IQ Test

Wolves - International Wolf Center

Wolves - Wild

Can't find a particular species?
Try using a search engine, such as and use the species name
under "keyword".

BEST BET! NatureServe - a biological database<br>

Astronomy Basics - the USFS doesn't have an astronomy program ... but we do have an Air program. So we are stretching the staff boundaries by including this URL. A teacher contacted us and recommended it.

Astronomy for Kids - Introduction (Gifted Geek)

Animal Inn Program

Ask the Experts at Pitsco

Bat Conservation International

Boise Aquatic Sciences Lab (FS/RMRS) - Science for Kids

Botanical Society of America + Bucknell University: Plants are Cool Too!

Carnivore Conservation

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Discover Magazine Online

Earth & Sky

Endangered Species Information - USFWS

EPA Students and Teachers

Green Wing - Ducks Unlimited

Multi-User Science Education Network

NASA Biology Interests

National Geographic Home

National Geographic Kids

National Park Service

North American Native Fish Association

Natural Inquirer - The Natural Inquirer is a science education resource journal for 5th grade and above.

Nature Watch Program

Online Science

Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

Plant - Recommended Plant Sites for Kids Phylogeny

Puddler - Ducks Unlimited Print Magazine

Science for Kids! - Agricultural Research Service

Science Fair Ideas!

Scientific American

Smithsonian Institute - National Zoological Park

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

State & Provincial Trees

Statistics & Probability


The Nature Conservancy

Although marine animals do not occur on our national forests and rangelands (with the exceptions of a few waterfowl and fish species that spend part of their life cycle in the ocean), we do receive numerous questions regarding marine animals. We suggest you try the following links:

Hatfield Marine Science Center

Oregon Coast Aquarium

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Marine Mammals

The USDA Forest Service does not have an aquaculture program, but these two sites may be of help.

USDA Aquaculture

World Aquaculture Society