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Are you a 4th Grader? Great!

A group photo of several kids and Smokey Bear.  The picture was taken when there was still snow on the ground.

There is so much nature out there to be explored. You can see America’s amazing mountains, roaring rivers, and wild animals, while camping, hiking, fishing, boating or doing so many fun things on national forests and grasslands. So sign up for your Every Kid Outdoors voucher today!

Signing up for a pass is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Ask an adult to help you.

  2. Go to the kid-friendly website Every Kid Outdoors and follow the instructions.

  3. Print an Every Kid Outdoors paper voucher. Vouchers are good until August 31 of each year.

And you don’t have to go alone. You can take your brothers and sisters and up to three adults. Or tell your teacher to help your entire class get a voucher and plan a class trip outdoors. 


There are so many things to see on National Forests and Grasslands. There is so much room to hike, ski, run, find bugs, fish, swim and do so many other wonderful things. We have 193 million acres of land just for you. Do you know how big that is? It is as big as both Texas and Maine combined. That’s really big!

A graphic showing the 2022 4th grade pass with the words America the Beautiful on the graphic and a small girl holding a magnifying glass.
Every Kid Outdoor Pass 2021-2022

That also means a lot of outdoor fun, and we think that you will find there is enough to do for a lifetime. We hope that you continue to visit the great outdoors for many years to come.

When you get your voucher, ask your parents to help find activities and locations by using our online visitor map.

This holiday season 4th grade students will also receive a free Christmas Tree cutting permit!  To access the permit or to find more ideas for trips on

Also check out how to become a Junior Forest Ranger and Junior Snow Ranger.