Passes & Permits


Mountain peak with sparse trees in a dry meadow at CornucopiaAs stewards of your public lands, the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest manages resources to meet sustainable resource management objectives.  In order to manage these valuable resources and protect public health and safety, certain activities require permits and passes.  Below are several activities where a permit or pass is needed.


Recreation Passes and Permits 

In Washington and Oregon some national forest recreation sites require a day use fee. This section includes information about where fees are charged and which passes may be used to cover these fees.

Recreation Pass Accomplishments

Find out more about the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest's recreation fee and pass program, and the projects accomplished with the fees.

Other Forest Service Recreation Use Permits

State Recreation Permits used on Forest Service Lands

  • State SnoPark parking permits
  • State OHV decals
  • State Aquatic Invasive Species boat permits

Commercial Filming Permits

  • Commercial filming permits
  • Use of drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for commercial filming

Forest Products Permits

Forest product permits include those for:

  • Woody materials - fuelwood, post and poles
  • Christmas trees
  • Edible material (berries, plants and mushrooms)
  • Decorative materials (pine cones, grasses)
  • Minerals
  • Live plants

Recreation Event and Outfitter & Guide Permits

Recreation event (e.g. Bike rides, club activities, snowmobile events) and Outfitter and Guide proposals also require the issuance of a special use permit.

Non-Commercial Group Use activities

Some non-commercial group activities may need to obtain a recreation special use permit depending if they meet certain criteria. These criteria include whether the event is non-commercial, and based on the total number of participants and spectators.

Land Use Authorizations

Lands use authorizations include all commercial and private uses that do not involve recreation type activities. These include uses such as transmission lines, telephone lines, communication sites, fences, signs, irrigation ditches, spring developments...more

Other Permits