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Forest Plan Revision

The Wayne National Forest announced in 2018 that we have started the revision of our Forest Plan. This is the first revision to the Forest Plan since 2006

Current Status

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The Wayne National Forest is currently in the process of reviewing information and literature as part of the Assessment phase.

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Forest Plan Revision Overview

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The Wayne National Forest has begun the process of revising the principal document that guides the decisions of Forest Service managers. Our Forest Plan is being revised to facilitate collaborative work efforts with our state partners. Find out more Forest Plans, what to expect of the revision process, and when the public can be most impactful in providing input. 

Forest Plan Revision Public Participation

Community members provide their input during a public meeting.

The Wayne National Forest intends to engage those interested in Forest Plan Revision utilizing communication methods ranging from informing to collaboration. Follow along and let your voice be heard by participating in one of our upcoming forums, signing up for notifications about our process, or submitting an official comment. 


Initial Wilderness Inventory

The Wayne National Forest is seeking input and knowledge of lands potentially suitable for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System.

Wild and Scenic River Evaluation

In conjunction with forest plan revision, we are seeking input and knowledge of the streams to identify unique, rare, or exemplary river-related features. 


Forest Plan Monitoring

Two men discuss the USDA Forest Service Resource Assistants (RA) Program

Monitoring is a key part of management and the Wayne National Forest takes this role seriously. Annual reports are completed to ensure the Forest is on track.

Oil and Natural Gas

A rusty well in the forest.

Find out more about the administration of mineral rights beneath the Wayne National Forest by the USDA Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the private land owners we work with.

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