National Incident Management Organization


National Incident Management Organization (NIMO)

The National Incident Management Organization is composed of four Incident Management Teams. Each team consists of seven members, who are assigned full-time to Command and General Staff positions (Incident Commander, Safety Officer, Public Information Officer, Planning Section Chief, Operations Section Chief, Logistics Section Chief, Finance Section Chief).

The primary focus of the program is the management of complex wildland fire. NIMO uses a wide range of methods to accomplish this goal. Essential components required for success include a strong core of full-time Command and General Staff available year-round for incident response with consistent performance expectations and standards for these positions.

In addition to complex fire management, these four teams have year-round non-incident duties in support of Fire and Aviation Management. Among these are: training; quality assurance activities; fuels management; fuels implementation; fire and resource management support; National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) projects; cost containment; and leadership training and development.


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NIMO FY2015-2016 Accountability Report

Annual NIMO Accountability Report for Fiscal Years 2015-2016.

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