National Incident Management Organization (NIMO)

National Incident Management Organization (NIMO)

The National Incident Management Organization is composed of four Incident Management Teams. Each team consists of seven members, who are assigned full-time to Command and General Staff positions (Incident Commander, Safety Officer, Public Information Officer, Planning Section Chief, Operations Section Chief, Logistics Section Chief, Finance Section Chief).

The primary focus of the program is to support new, innovative approaches to the management of large, complex wildland fires. The four teams provide year-round support to Fire and Aviation Management (FAM) to achieve this through:

  • Building capacity
  • Mentoring
  • Fuels implementation
  • Fire and resource management support
  • National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) projects
  • Improving the workplace environment
  • Leadership training and development

Our Vision

The National Incident Management Organization personnel are trusted within the USDA Forest Service as a group of master practitioners and leaders who continuously enrich the fire and aviation management program. We are valued as an organization that anticipates needs, creates solutions, and improves programs through challenges, learning and leadership. Our legacy is the development of fire and aviation management leaders who will guide the future of the Forest Service and Fire and Aviation Management.

Our Mission

The National Incident Management Organization (NIMO) is designed, through servant leadership, to influence positive organizational change and improve decisions of the USDA Forest Service's Fire and Aviation Management (FAM) by establishing a foundation of trust while promoting continuous improvement, innovative concepts and approaches and introducing new technologies through the development of a professional, agile workforce.

PDX NIMO OSC Russ Long on the radio doing a briefing

NIMO Team 4 Operations Section Chief, Russ Long on the radio for morning briefing at the Boundary River Fire in Tok, Alaska in 2019

Firefighter with helicopter in background

Our legacy is the development of fire and aviation management leaders.

Eric Martinez sitting at Commo desok

Eric Martinez, NIMO Incident Technology Specialist