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2016 Research Highlights
Northern Research Station - USDA Forest Service

Northern Research Station

The Northern Research Station is dedicated to delivering the best possible science on forests and related natural resources. We develop the knowledge and tools that landowners and land managers rely on to improve the health and productivity of the Nation’s forests and grasslands, and ultimately, improve the lives of the people we serve. This web presentation introduces our ‘best of the best’ research from 2016. Organized around the U.S. Forest Service’s strategic goals, our 2016 research highlights demonstrate how the Northern Research Station advances our agency’s mission by conducting the research land managers need, regardless of whether they manage public land, commercial forests, or a few acres of woodlands.

For more information about the Northern Research Station visit You can keep up with our research by following us at @usfs_nrs.

Audio Welcome from Tony Ferguson, Station Director

Tony Ferguson

Hello, this is Tony Ferguson, I’m the Northern Research Station Director based in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania.
Research has been a part of the U.S. Forest Service for more than a century now. The Northern Research Station is just one of seven Forest Service research stations across the United States.
Our geographic footprint is sometimes referred to as the four M’s. It runs from Maine to Minnesota and from Missouri to Maryland.
The Station’s 135 scientists are among the world’s most renowned experts in forestry and natural resources. Our research aims to make forests healthier, more productive and more resilient and improve people’s lives.
Our science is helping land managers solve every day problems as well as address major challenges facing forests and urban area.
Today, I am delighted to introduce the Northern Research Station’s 2016 Highlights presentation. Our highlights presentation includes 22 of our best research highlights from 2016.
This year, the five highlights I selected as “Director’s Choice” highlights feature research that is related to clean water, clean air, urban research, and forest health. These highlights present only a snapshot of what we do and how the Northern Research Station science is contributing to sustaining America’s forests and grasslands and improving people’s lives.
Thanks for your interest in Forest Service research. This presentation captures just a few of the ways that the Northern Research Station has made a difference for the nation and its forests in 2016. I am proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to continuing that service in the coming year. I invite you to enjoy our 2016 Northern Research Station Highlights.

map of the Northern Research Station showing locations and headquarters

Sustain Our Nation’s Forests and Grasslands

The Nation’s vast forests and grasslands are essential to the ecological, economic, cultural and social well-being of our country. In 2016, the Northern Research Station advanced knowledge of the role and effect of fire in forest ecosystems, developed critical tools in the fight against invasive insects and plants, and provided insight into how forested watersheds improve water quality.

Deliver Benefits to the Public

The people we serve benefit from healthy, resilient forests and grasslands in various ways. Through research, science delivery, and technical assistance, the Northern Research Station supports natural resources management in landscapes ranging from wilderness areas and rural communities to some of the largest metropolitan areas in the Nation, where our network of Urban Field Stations are engaged in research on urban ecology.

Apply Knowledge Globally

Northern Research Station science provides land managers and others with information, applications and tools for natural resources management and decisionmaking. Our work has impacts beyond the geographic boundaries of our station, we contribute to the National and global understanding of adaptive and resilient forest management.