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See a list of events happening across the forest! Explore the forest from the water. Learn where some employees favorite places are.

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About the Chippewa

The Chippewa National Forest, located in the heart of northern Minnesota, is a celebration of seasons, culture and environment.

The Chippewa National Forest is the first National Forest established east of the Mississippi River in 1908 and is the home to more lakes and wetlands than any other National Forest. The forest was originally known as the Minnesota National Forest. The name was changed in 1928 to honor the original inhabitants. Today, the Forest and Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe share goals and offer visitors a chance to experience Anishinabe culture and learn about the past from prehistory to early, logging-era and Civilian Conservation Corps days. Learn more about the forest.


OHV Information

2019 OHV Motor Vehicle Use Maps and Policy

Active Timber Sales

Timber sales that the forest is currently accepting bids for.

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Wonders of the Night Sky

Northern lights over North Twin Lake in Minnesota

The Northern Lights, which are also known as the Aurora Borealis, is a phenomenon known throughout the northern skies.

Oak Tree Planting

Acorn planter

Mention tree planting on a national forest, and most people imagine pine seedlings. In 2019, the Chippewa National Forest planted 1.5 million seedlings, many of which were red and white pine.


Bats and Kids on the Night Trail

Participants hiking on a trail.

I ask the same question every year to volunteers at the annual Howl O Ween event at Shingobee Hills on the Chippewa National Forest. What do pumpkins have to do with a Forest Service program?

If it is a good place to camp...

Vintage campers photo

There is an old adage that “if it’s a good place to camp today, then someone probably camped there before.” This “hypothesis” was recently explored on the Forest.

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Logo for Smokey's 75th Birthday

Thanks to all who helped Smokey celebrate this milestone birthday!

Click for memorial tree planting info.

Donations made in memory of loved ones provide funding for reforestation projects.

Learn about the changes coming to Norway Beach Recreation Area.

Exciting changes are coming!



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