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San Juan National Forest encompasses about 1.8 million acres in the southwestern corner of Colorado. Terrain ranges from high-desert mesas to alpine peaks, with thousands of miles of back roads and hundreds of miles of trails to explore. These federal lands are managed for multiple uses and visitors are asked to respect each other and the natural resources. The Forest Supervisor's Office is located in the San Juan Public Lands Center in Durango, Colorado, with district offices in Bayfield, Dolores and Pagosa Springs.

Know Before You Go

Outdoor Safety

  • Check weather reports and road conditions before your trip
  • Always treat water found along the trail if you decide to drink it.
  • Remember: you can't count on cell phone coverage in remote areas!
  • Bring the ten essentials.
  • Colorado Avalanche Information Center  
  • Learn more about Mountain Safety.
  • Respect Wildlife: We share the outdoors with a variety of animals who make the forest their home. Remember, these are not pets. Keep a safe distance from them and be careful not to disturb their habitat. 

Fire Information


  • Please review the forest-wide as well as wilderness specific regulations before you visit
  • We encourage, To learn more about Leave No Trace ethics visit www.lnt.org


Wetland Restoration Work


Grasshopper Fen whole Grasshopper Fen rollingGrasshopper Fen plantingGrasshopper Fen sedgesGrasshopper Fen fenceGrasshopper Fen group


In October of 2019, San Juan National Forest workers carried supplies 3 miles into the woods in order to help rehabilitate a high elevation wetland called a Fen. Rare wetlands such as Fens create unique ecosystems and they take thousands of years to develop. Erosion in the Grasshopper Fen was causing the wetland to drain and the vegetation to die. We spent two days covering the ground with biodegradable matting and transplanted 700 sedges, a type of native wetland grass. Through yearly monitoring we will make sure the fen vegetation is fully reestablished, which will help capture water and prevent erosion! The San Juan National Forest cares for our water, and for ecosystems that depend on water.

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