Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)

The SOPA lists current projects proposed on the Forests which require environmental analysis. Visit SOPA for the most current proposed actions.



DISCLAIMER: Documents may appear on this web page after the official comment or appeal period has ended. Official comment periods last 30 days; beginning the day after the legal notice is published in the newspaper of record. Objection periods last 45 days beginning the day after the legal notice is published in the newspaper of record. Check the legal notice to determine the beginning and ending dates of these periods or call the district office.

Ozark-St. Francis National Forests Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Fanes Mill

Multi-resource project to help improve forest conditions; stands more resilient to stressors such as weather, insects, and disease. Improving habitat for game species as well as threatened, endangered, and sensitive species. Improving trails, roads.

Under Analysis

Amendment of Permits STF0138, STF0141, STF0151, and STF0155

Responding to requests from recreation residence permit holders to modify or add authorized improvements on their respective use areas.

Apple & McConnell Connectivity Project

This project would open some roads to OHV access for the purpose of improving overall connectivity of roads in the area. It will provide a more sustainable and better connected system of roads in the area around McConnell and Apple Roads,

Blanchard Springs Caverns Facilities Renovation Project

Renovation of the Blanchard Springs Caverns Visitor Information Center and cavern trail infrastructure within Blanchard Springs Caverns

Blanchard Springs Recreation Area Complex Utility Replacement Project

Replace existing utility lines crossing North Sylamore Creek

Carter Mountain Project

Forest management in the Carter Mountain area of the Mt. Magazine Ranger District.

Ford Project

Multi-resource project to help improve forest conditions with trees that are more resilient to insects, diseases, weather events; improve habitat for threatened, endangered and sensitive species; improve watershed conditions.

Highway 123 bridge replacement over Gee Creek

ARDOT, in cooperation with the USDA, Forest Service, is planning improvements to Highway 123 approximately 7.4 miles south of Highway 7 in Johnson County. Details @

Ozark Vegetation Management EA and Plan Amendment

Vegetation management activities across Ozark National Forest, including timber, silvicultural treatments, burning, and wildlife management, also connected actions such as roads/firebreaks. Includes programmatic plan amendment to Forest Plan App F.

Robert's Gap Project

Watershed level project including a wide range of proposed activities, such as, commercial timber harvesting, fuels management activities, wildlife activities, Mtn. Bike Trails, and wilderness trail activities.

Sylamore Range Allotment Management Project

Proposing management of 4 range allotments with conversion from exotic pasture grass to native grasses, forbs and herbaceous species on fields; proposal includes placing 2 allotments in closed status and removing them from the NFS range system.

Walk and Roll Trail Management Project

Maintenance and improvement of non-motorized trails; actions will include realignment when needed;limited herbicide use; converting a road and a user-created trail to system trail; constructing new trail

Analysis Completed

Amendment of Special Use Permit SYL0026

Amend existing special use permit SYL0026 to fully authorize an additional 4.5 miles of water transmission line on NFS lands to provide a reliable source of potable water for a rural community.

Amendment to Special Use Authorization STF0131

Permit holder requests increasing the size of cabin authorized on the permit face and requests authorization of a deck on the use area

Fanes Creek Concrete Removal

Use heavy equipment to remove concrete debris from Fanes Creek and surrounding area.

Forest Plan Amendment to Update Bat Conservation Practices with A Focus on Indiana Bat

Amendment to Revised Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) for Ozark-St. Francis NFs to update bat conservation practices, with a specific focus on Indiana Bat.

Indiana Bat Habitat Restoration Project

Restoration of habitat for the endangered Indiana bat through timber harvests, thinning, prescribed fire and associated actions within the primary and secondary conservation zones utilizing an adaptive management approach.

Wildcat Restoration and Vegetation Management Project

Thinning, regeneration, and planting in overstocked stands using vegetation management tools such as pre-commercial thins, wildlife stand improvements, prescribed fire, and herbicide.

On Hold

2020 Richland Creek Road Land Slide

Stabilize a section of Searcy County Road 1205 and remove material sliding down onto the road. Currently, the area impacted is less than five acres

Range Allotment Management Project

Manage allotments on district by grazing livestock to combat woody plant encroachment and maintain open conditions.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.