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2017 Regional Forester Awards

Picture of Nora Rasure, David Rosenkrance, and David JenkinsThe Intermountain Regional Leadership Team and guests had the opportunity to recognize the 2017 Regional Forester Honor Award recipients on October 18, 2017 in Ogden, Utah. The nominations are always inspiring and reflect the significant achievements of our employees and partners. Each of the individuals completed a tremendous amount of work.


Fall Fire Hire

Look for a job with the National Forest Service Fire fighting programThe Forest Service has an elite wildland firefighting team and the world’s largest forestry research organization. Our experts provide technical and financial help to state and local government agencies, businesses, private landowners and work government-to-government with tribes to help protect and manage non-federal forest and associated range and watershed lands.

Forest Plan Revision - How are we revising plans?

Forest Plan Revision.The National Forest Management Act of 1976 requires forest plans to be revised at least every 15 years. Congress waived the 15 year requirement as long as the Department demonstrates progress with revision. Of the 17 plans in Region 4, eight have been revised, and nine are original. The Intermountain Region currently has two forests working on plan revisions and five that will begin before 2021. Learn more about Forest Plan Revision and how you can get involved.

Intermountain Region News



Sage-grouse Update

Male Sage-Grouse Struting

A story map has been created to provide highlights of some accomplishments made by federal agencies and partners in conserving the sagebrush ecosystem. You can also view the 2016 accomplishment report. Implementation Guides are available on the Washington Office Sage-Grouse web page. Visit the Greater Sage Grouse web page for additional information.

Lucky Peak Nursery

The Lucky Peak Nursery was established in 1959. The Nursery stores seed and grows trees and shrubs for all of the National Forests in Southern Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Western Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico.


Forest Fact Sheets

Fact sheets for each forest in the Intermountain Region are now available on our web site.  These provide information on landscape, features, visitors, land ownership, wilderness, etc.

Intermountain Region Strategic Framework

Picture of volunteers working in Dog Valley

This framework helps to understand key issues, challenges, influences, and opportunities facing the Intermountain Region in order to set Regional direction for the next four years.


Bighorn Sheep Management Framework and Assessments

Photo of a bighorn sheep resting on rocky cliffs.

Framework and assessment is a protocol for evaluating summer bighorn sheep habitats. Bighorn Sheep Risk of Contact Tool User Guide

Forest Service Outreach Database

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Use the Forest Service Outreach Database to search for up-coming job announcement and current job opportunities. Access the database to explore opportunities today.