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The National Forest System Lands of the Intermountain Region are located in the heart of the west, encompassing 12 forests and 1 grassland. Explore 34 million acres while enjoying all your favorite recreational activities including camping, fishing, hiking, biking, OHV use, boating, etc.  The forests range from heavily timbered slopes of central Idaho on the Payette National Forest to red rock open country in southern Utah. Forest lands in Nevada and the beautiful Bridger Teton National Forest of Wyoming round out the region.  

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The Intermountain Region asks the public to please recreate responsibly. Law enforcement and/or search and rescue operations may be limited due to COVID-19 issues.  We also encourage you to follow public health guidelines regarding social distancing while you recreate in National Forests. Changes in standard operating procedures due to COVID-19, such as closures or adjusted hours, are forest-specific.  Please refer to forest pages for this information. More information >> COVID and the US Forest Service


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Need to locate and purchase a National Forest or Grassland Visitor Map?  Visit your local national Forest Service office, or check out the new online Map Finder resource.


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Value of One, Power of Many

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In the last year, it has become more evident than ever that the power of people working together to bring about change is immense. We see it in the legislation that is passed, the lives saved in pandemic-ridden hospitals, and long-needed trails being built or repaired on our beloved public lands.  We also see the influence of one individual act that inspires others to join in and do the same. During the week of April 18-24, 2021, we’d like to celebrate National Volunteer Week by recognizing the many volunteers that take their valuable time and energy to work on something bigger than themselves

Maintaining a personal connection with the land: 30 years of volunteer service

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Jim, a former Forester employee with 29 year of service, loves volunteer work, which he attributes to his ability to maintain his connection to the land and the people it serves.

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State Liaisons: Conduits between States and Forest Service

As the new year rolls in, Forest Service Intermountain Region state liaisons work with state governments, partners, and other federal government agencies etc.

Forest Service Outreach Database

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Use the Forest Service Outreach Database to search for up-coming job announcement and current job opportunities. Access the database to explore opportunities today. 


Urban Forest Connections Webinar Series

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The Forest Service's Urban Forest Connections webinar series discusses the latest science, practice, and policy on urban forestry and the environment and is open to all.