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The Southern Region of the Forest Service is a dynamic collection of lands that encompasses 13 states and Puerto Rico. Known as Region 8 within the Forest Service, the Southern Region consists of 14 National Forest units and two special units. The Forest Service employs about 250 people at the Region 8 headquarters in Atlanta, and nearly 2,500 throughout the South. 

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    The Southern Region is pretty big, and we want to make sure you can easily find the National Forest website you're looking for! We've got a complete list to help you out, by state and territory!


Our pick for the Kentucky Derby: Majestic White Oak

The Kentucky Derby is grounded in decades of tradition that many are familiar with—the racetrack, the garland of roses and the famous mint julep. In a nature-friendly twist of events, decades of tree growing also feeds the Derby tradition.

While making a mint julep is easy, making its signature ingredient—bourbon—is quite the opposite. The distinct flavor of bourbon comes from the grain, the yeast and the oak barrel that is used when aging the bourbon to perfection. This time-consuming process begins in the forest with a white oak tree.

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Celebrating Efforts to Restore America’s Longleaf Pine

We are working with partners to restore longleaf pine forests. Most of America’s longleaf pine forests are found on family-owned forest lands, making public-private partnership key to its restoration. Working together, we are focused on maintaining what remains, improving forest health and, where possible, creating new longleaf forests.

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