Winsor National Recreation Trail #254 (Pecos)

Area Status: Open

The Winsor Trail is 9 miles long on the Pecos/Las Vegas District, is moderately difficult and receives heavy use. Its highest and lowest points are 11,000 and 8,500 feet.

Starting from Winsor Trailhead, the trail goes up the creek for approximately 1 mile and then crosses the stream. Follow the trail as it turns sharply away from the stream and climbs through the forest to Carpenter Ridge. The trail continues up the ridge through aspen groves and meadows passing the junction with Holy Ghost Trail 283. After about 6 miles, the trail crosses upper Winsor Creek and meets the Skyline Trail 251. Follow the Skyline Trail to the west for approximately 1 mile until the Winsor Trail turns off to the south. The trail arrives at Spirit Lake within about 1 mile. From there the trail is an easy mile over the ridge and continues into the Espanola District.

At a Glance

Permit Info:  A backcountry permit is not required to enter the Pecos Wilderness.
  • Camping and campfires are prohibited in the following areas:
    • Beatty’s Flats
    • Pecos Falls
    • within 50 feet of a trail, stream, or river
    • within 200 feet of a lake
  • All garbage and refuse must be packed out.  Do not bury garbage or try to burn aluminum.
  • Mechanized equipment (including chainsaws) is prohibited in Wilderness areas.
  • Do not shortcut switchbacks on trails.
  • Possessing, storing, or transporting any part of a tree or plant is prohibited, with the exception of dead and down wood for campfires.
  • Do not tie horses to trees for more than 2 hours.  Use highlines or pickets.
  • The maximum group size for camping, hiking, or riding is 15 people, whether for day or overnight use.
  • The maximum number of pack and saddle stock allowed in a group is 15.
  • Camping for more than 14 consecutive days in one place is not allowed.
  • Domestic goats and sheep are prohibited in the Pecos Wilderness in order to protect the bighorn sheep population from disease.
  • Storing equipment or supplies is prohibited.
Closest Towns:  Pecos and Santa Fe
Information Center: Please keep your dogs on a leash for their own safety, to be courteous to other users, to respect and protect wildlife, and to protect vegetation.  Dogs should always behave in a responsible manner.  Your pet should always be under voice control - this means that your dog will come when called.  If your dog does not come when called, you should keep your dog on a leash.  And no matter where you are going, you should always bring your leash with you.


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  Elevation : 
8500 - 11000