Resource Management

Forest service employee kneeling at a stream The Forest Service does not "own" any of the resources found on the Ozark-St. Francis National Forests. However, we are charged with managing these resources for the real owners... the American Public. Our mission is "Caring for the Land and Serving People." We are stewards of all the treasures found on the Ozark-St. Francis, protecting and managing the land for multiple uses that can be utilized and enjoyed now and forever. Click below if you want to know more about the valuable resources on the Ozark-St. Francis National Forests.

Regional Work

See what is happening in the Southern Region.

Minerals and Geology

The Forest Service Minerals and Geology Management (MGM) program promotes the sustainable use and enjoyment of mineral and geologic resources on USDA National Forests and Grasslands. For more information about the national program...

Timber Harvesting

Why does the forest harvest timber?


The importance of water in the forest.

Cave Closure

On June 14, 2019, the Regional Forester signed a Decision Memo and a two-year cave closure order for all caves and abandoned underground mines on National Forest System lands in the Southern Region of the U.S. Forest Service. The Blanchard Springs Caverns on the Sylamore Ranger District of the Forest is the only cave that will be posted as open in the Southern Region, as the Forest Service has complete control of entry through the Visitor’s Center and all visitors undergo decontamination.  The closure order includes an exception for cave entry to aid the Forest Service in monitoring and cave management purposes with coordination and specific written authorization from the U.S. Forest Service prior to cave entry.

2019 Regional Cave Closure Order

2019 Decision Memo in support of the Regional Cave Closure Order

Forest Management and Bats



Archeological and historic sites hold clues to America's past. If disturbed, a part of our heritage may be lost forever. Sites and artifacts on public lands are protected by Federal law. If you discover such remains, please leave them undisturbed. Report your discoveries to Forest Service personnel.

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ActiveTimber Sales

Welcome to the Ozark-St. Francis National Forests Timber Management information page. 

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Timber Sales

Currently Advertised Remarks

Sulphur Timber Sale

08/30/2023 2:00PM

Tiger Timber Sale

07/12/2023 2:00PM

Rambo IRTC

Awarded to Virgil Rudolph Massey Jr.

Tiger Timber Sale

09/13/2023 2:00PM

Cato Timber Sale

Awarded to Green Bay Packing Inc.

Woolensworth Timber Sale

09/27/2023 2:00PM

Bullfrog Timber Sale

4/23/2024 2:00PM

Coon Hollow Stewardship

Awarded to Virgil Rudolph Massey Jr.

Bowman Timber Sale

Awarded to Arkansas Wood Solutions Inc.

Slusher Timber Sale

Awarded to David Dotson


12/07/22 2:00PM

Liberty South Timber Sale

04/04/2024 2:00PM

Maverick Timber Sale

11/29/23 2:00PM

Cove Timber Sale

Awarded to Willhite Forest Products Inc

Fetch It Timber Sale

7/11/22 2:00pm

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